Two new ostrich tanneries are to be set up in South Africa in January, Shoestyle magazine reported.

Ostrimark SA Co-op Ltd, the marketing division of a group of ten farmers from the Grahamstown area, is due to commission a tannery in the local industrial area early January. Its initial target is to produce 1,000 skins per month, although the plant is designed to accommodate 2,000 skins per month.

Another new tannery, in George's Pacalsdorp industrial area, is also to open this month. Outeniqua Tanning has capacity for 1,200 game skins and 1,000 ostrich skins per month. The founder, Klein Karoo, is also consulting with people in Korea, advising on ostrich tanning there.

Ostrich tanner, Ostriland Import Export (Pty) Ltd is expanding its product line to include shark, seal and crocodile skins. This tannery has been operating for three years and processes 2,500-3,000 skins per month, exporting to the Far East, Europe and North America.

From Peter Embling, Shoestyle