Belgian cotton group UCO Textiles has acquired a spinning mill from Texas-based Lorber Industries USA. Renamed UCO Spinning LP, the factory will meet most of the yarn needs of UCO Fabrics in Rockingham.

Constructed in 1998, the open-end spinning mill makes 100 per cent cotton yarn (7,000 tons annually). It is located in Snyder in West Texas, an area known as the world's largest cotton growing region. Lorber initially invested $41.5 million in the 70,000 sq ft project.

UCO is the holding company for a three textile businesses in Belgium and two in the USA. Its turnover in 2001 was 187.1 million euros.

UCO Sportswear, in Ghent, is a fully integrated producer of denim and leisurewear fabrics (26 million metres annually). UCO Leon Declerq, in Deinze, manufactures semi-synthetic and synthetic fabrics (15 million metres per year), while UCO Yarns, in Bruges, is an ultra-modern spinning mill with an annual production of 12,000 tonnes.

UCO Fabrics, a 100 per cent subsidiary of UCO Sportswear, operates a denim weaving mill in Rockingham, North Carolina, USA (15 million yards annually).

By Jozef De Coster.