Counterfeit clothing estimated at £750,000 found at Stansted Airport

Counterfeit clothing estimated at £750,000 found at Stansted Airport

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Counterfeit clothing from Turkey, worth an estimated £750,000, has been seized by the UK Border Agency at Stansted Airport.

Officers seized around 15,000 items during the month-long operation in June. The counterfeit goods had been flown to the UK from Turkey as freight - with the rights holders confirming them as fake.

Designer brands thought to be among the haul include Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hugo Boss and Fred Perry.

"Make no mistake, the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods is not a victimless crime," said Sarah Wolstenholme, UK Border Agency's assistant director at Stansted airport.

"The profit that smugglers make from these items is often recycled into other more serious forms of criminality."

She added: "The items were all listed simply as courier material, with no commercial value. The fact that such limited information had been provided immediately attracted suspicion."

The UK Border Agency officers operate 24 hours a day at ports, airports and mail sorting centres to prevent counterfeit goods hitting the UK's streets.