Underneath.com, the online retailer of brand name intimate apparel for men, women and children, is preparing to file multi-million dollar lawsuits against Warnaco, maker of products such as Calvin Klein underwear and Olga bras, and Jockey International, maker of Jockey brand underwear

Details of the claims have not yet been released, but Atlanta based QUAD-i (Innovative Internet Ideas Inc), the owner and operator of Underneath.com, says that it is seeking compensatory damages from the two companies and substantial punitive damages resulting from what it calls "ruthless and unfair business practices''.

"This lawsuit will help us recover losses and growth impairment we suffered as well as help to repair our reputation from the consequences of their ruthless and unfair business practices,'' says Jeffrey Johnson, Underneath.com's CEO. "It is a shame that some large companies think they can treat smaller companies with disrespect, thinking their size will intimidate the smaller company into accepting unjust actions, even if decisions are unethical and damaging. Some companies think they are invincible and we hope to make them reap what they sow.''