Two companies working on the development of material made from renewable resources have announced several breakthroughs.

Unifi Inc and Cargill Dow LLC said they had developed a one denier per filament yarn of NatureWorks made from annually renewable resources such as corn.

And they also said they had had success in package dyeing of air jet textured fibre yarn.

The breakthroughs were unveiled at the 45th annual Expofil in Paris. Unifi's advancements in spinning and texturing the fibres means that new clothing and fabric options could soon be in full-scale production.

Unifi, based in North Carolina, said they had seen great hand and performance results from the one denier per filament yarn, especially in fleece applications.

They said they had also achieved high quality and dye uniformity in package dyed air jet textured yarns made from NatureWorks fibres.

Some of the benefits of NatureWorks include resiliency, UV resistance, low flammability, low smoke generation, good oiling resistance and stain removal.