Unilever's European Fabrics business has launched a new initiative to help it attract, identify and invest in business growth opportunities based around the company's key fabric care brands which include Persil, Skip, Comfort and Surf. The Unispark initiative will allow fashion and retail entrepreneurs and organisations to approach Unilever with new business opportunities.
Both external and internal entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses, are being targeted by the venture in order to develop clothes care opportunities that leverage Unilever's key brands along with its development and manufacturing resources.

The range of investment opportunities will include funding and resources to develop new business opportunities; evaluation and filing of patent opportunities; and buy-out opportunities or joint ventures for established businesses or new business ideas. The company says that investment prospects could range from new molecules that improve the performance of existing products to establishing opportunities in new sectors and product areas.
Set up in association with European venture capital provider Vesta Group, Unispark will be managed by a small, dedicated team that will draw on resources from within both organisations.