The Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers' Union (SACTWU) has declared a wage dispute in the wool and mohair textiles sub-sector.

SACTWU claims a final wage offer from employers is too low at 6.5%, with members demanding a 9.5% increase.

Wage increases are due on 1 July, the union said, adding: "We have referred our formal dispute to the National Textile Bargaining Council and now await on the date for the conciliation meeting."

SACTWU also last week issued a strike notice for the footwear industry, joining thousands of workers in a nationwide industry strike over salaries, holiday pay and re-training.

They joined members of The National Union of Leather and Allied Workers (NULAW), who declared a dispute with the Southern African Leather Industries Association (SAFLIA) early last week over demands for a minimum pay rise of 7.75% across the board.