International labour organisations Industriall Global Union, UNI Global Union and ITUC are seeking international support for a day of action in support of garment workers arrested during recent strikes in Cambodia.

The groups are calling on people to demonstrate outside Cambodian embassies and deliver protest letters to the Ambassador, condemning the violence associated with recent garment worker strikes and the imprisonment of 23 workers.

The groups said the day of action to “Free the 23” was planned for next Monday, 10 February – the day before a scheduled court hearing for the workers in Cambodia.

The protestors were arrested during strike action on 2 and 3 January, during which four workers were killed and 39 injured when police opened fire on demonstrators.

The day of action follows the sending of an open letter by the unions and 30 brands including Walmart, Nike and H&M to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, calling for a thorough investigation of the violence and the establishment of an inclusive process to determine a new minimum wage.

The violence a month ago followed a succession of strikes from garment workers seeking to double the industry’s current minimum wage to US$160 a month.