The increasing use of part-time and agency work workers is leading to a growing number of violations of workers' rights, union leaders have warned as officials from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund gathered in Istanbul at the weekend.

The union leaders praised Turkey's President Abdullah Gül for vetoing a bill giving "Private Labour Offices" broad rights to place temporary workers in enterprises - but warned of the dangers presented by precarious employment.
Temporary workers, or jobs through agencies and labour brokers, they say, are often faced with short term jobs, low wages, no social protection and a loss of rights.
Speaking at a press conference in Istanbul, they pointed to a connection between international 'policy changes' inspired by financial institutions and work flexibility which they believe has lowered "work conditions at national levels."

Neil Kearney, general secretary of the International Textile, Garment, and Leather Workers' Federation (ITGLWF), said: "Agency hires and temporary contracts destroy job security and undermine all other rights and promote gross exploitation of both the temporary worker and the permanent employee working alongside them."
In Turkey, he added, ITGLWF affiliate Teksif is locked in battle with Edirne Giyim where "workers employed on an agency type arrangement with inferior wages and conditions are being used to reduce and eventually eliminate a permanent workforce of long standing.

"Union resistance to the worsening conditions has resulted in mass firings of union members.
"Government action is urgently needed to restore worker protection against this onslaught," he demanded.