United Arrows has announced the restructuring of four branded outlets that it currently operates, resulting in the closure of 11 stores.

The company said that its "Darjeeling Days", "Disney Loved By Nature for United Arrows", "Odonata green label relaxing" and "Facade Green green label relaxing" brands were involved.

It will terminate the stand-alone operation of the Darjeeling Days men's wear business, resulting in the closure of four stores, together with the operation of its Disney Loved By Nature's Jiyugaoka children's clothing store. It is under discussions to continue operations of DLN though, and will keep the Darjeeling label going.

In addition, United will terminate the stand-alone operation of its existing Odonata green label relaxing suit store during the second half of this fiscal year, and will close four of its existing Facade green label stores with the label temporarily suspended.

Through this restructuring, United aims to strengthen its main businesses of United Arrows and Green Label Relaxing, it said.