Labour unrest has escalated again in Bangladesh's ready-made garment (RMG) industry today (19 November) following the deaths of two workers yesterday. 

Violent protests have now been on-going for 15 consecutive days by workers calling for a higher wage rise for the sector - forcing the authorities to shut more than 50 garment factories in the industrial belts of Ashulia and Gazipur.

At least 40 people, mostly workers, have now been injured in sporadic clashes between workers and law enforcers.

The workers began their protests on 5 November for a minimum wage of BDT8,114 (US$104.36) - instead of the BDT5,300 (US$68.17) that has been agreed.

Bangladesh is the second-largest garment manufacturing country after China and exports mainly to the US and Europe. The sector employs more than 4.0m workers, mostly women.