The Navajo Native American tribe is suing clothing chain Urban Outfitters, accusing it of trademark violations for using the tribe's name on its clothing products.

The suit, filed by the Navajo Nation in the US District Court in New Mexico, claims Urban Outfitters has been selling more than 20 products under the "Navajo" or "Navaho" names since 2009, including clothing, underwear and flasks.

Following a cease and desist letter late last year, Urban Outfitters removed the word "Navajo" from product names on its website, replacing it with "Printed".

The suit claims that although the retailer said it had stopped using the "Navajo" and "Navaho" names on its products, they were still available in its retail stores and the word "Navajo" continued to appear on receipts.

It has also continued to sell products with the "Navajo" name and mark through its Free People banner, the suit alleges.

The Navaho Nation is seeking three-times all profits generated from the marketing and sale of its "Navajo" lines, as well as $1,000 per item per day for each type of product it has offered for sale, as well as damages and attorney's fees.