Chinese fast fashion retailer UR (Urban Revivo) has invested in a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help manage growth and boost efficiency.

The company has selected Centric Software's PLM solution for its ability to offer a tailor-made solution and rapidly reduce the amount of time the R&D team spends on data collection.

Founded in 2006, UR is now the number one fast fashion company in China, with a core concept of 'fast luxury', aiming to bring affordable yet luxurious clothes to consumers worldwide. The firm operates more than 160 stores across China and overseas, and has also established a base in Singapore and is expanding to oversea markets. UR plans to have over 400 stores globally by 2020.

"We lacked an effective information management platform to integrate design and planning information from individual team members," explains Li Ri Mei, senior buying director at UR. "We needed to find a way to ensure data accuracy and transparency to get everyone on the same page. In terms of merchandise management, we realised that a standardised process and planning calendar would greatly improve our efficiency. It's important to us to keep our brand DNA consistent while responding quickly to market need in order to manage the colour, material and style of designs."

Li adds UR wants to build up the product merchandising and design platform as the cornerstone of the company's PLM system, while the next objective is to create standard processes in the database. "Using tracking information, we plan to improve the efficiency of merchandising and design. Last but not least, we want to enhance cooperation between internal and external team members," he adds.

Meanwhile, by using Centric PLM, Li says UR expects to establish the information base of basic research and development, which will lead to a "rapid reduction" in the amount of time spent on data collection.

"Centric PLM will help us to define and standardise all aspects of the R&D process, which will ultimately enhance visualisation and transparency," he says.

UR is Centric's twenty-sixth customer in China since the company opened its Shanghai office in 2014.

"UR is the top fast fashion company in China and is becoming a major player on the global stage," says Centric CEO Chris Groves. "We are honoured to be a part of UR's rapid growth in the challenging and competitive world of fast fashion and look forward to a long partnership ahead."