BCI plans to expand the supply of US Better Cotton

BCI plans to expand the supply of US Better Cotton

A small-scale pilot scheme introduced by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) earlier this year to put US Better Cotton into the supply chain has seen 22 farms produce over 11,000 metric tonnes of cotton lint so far.

The project was spurred by strong interest from major brands and retailers using Better Cotton. The growers who completed the process are now licensed to sell Better Cotton to participating merchants.

"I think this opportunity to 'prove up' against independent standards and verification is good for us and our customers," said Cannon Michael, owner of Bowles Farming Company in California's San Joaquin Valley.

While Patrick Laine, CEO of BCI, noted: "We're delighted with the collaboration and efforts of cotton growers in the US to bring US Better Cotton to the supply chain. This responds to a request of many global brands."

He said the first volumes of US Better Cotton to reach the market were purchased immediately - with the supply of US Better Cotton now due to expand in coming years.

"This is an extremely positive start, and we look forward to working with more USA farmers on continually improving practices that are directly relevant to their businesses," Laine added.

BCI said it will convene a multi-stakeholder process early in the new year to review the lessons learned during the pilot, and receive feedback from all parties engaged in the project.

The Better Cotton Initiative works with cotton growing regions around the world to promote cotton production that is environmentallly, socially and economically sustainable.