The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) has re-opened its annual review of the products and countries eligible for duty-free treatment under the Generalized System of Preferences (GP) and is accepting petitions seeking to add, preserve, or remove benefits.

The USTR says it will consider petitions to modify the GSP status of GSP beneficiary countries because of country practices; add products to GSP eligibility; remove products from GSP eligibility for one or more countries; waive competitive need limitations (CNLs); deny de minimis waivers for products eligible for de minimis waivers; and redesignate currently excluded products.

The review will include separate hearings on product petitions and country eligibility reviews, which will be announced in the Federal Register at a later date. All petitions are due by 16 April.

For the 'product review', interested parties, including foreign governments, can submit petitions to designate additional articles as eligible for GSP benefits, including when imported only from least-developed beneficiary developing countries, or beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries under AGOA. It can also petition to withdraw, suspend, or limit the application of GSP duty-free treatment with respect to any article.

For the 'country practices review', interested party can submit a petition to review the GSP eligibility of any BDC with respect to any of the GSP designation criteria.