The United States Association of Importers of Textiles & Apparel (USA-ITA) has re-branded as the United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) to more clearly address the US apparel industry's evolving trade concerns.

The new identity and mission statement was developed over the past ten months, with input from members and the broader fashion industry - and replaces goals set in place 25 years ago when the USA-ITA was founded.

Back then, the Washington DC-based lobbying group was focused on eliminating the global apparel quota system, which controlled global trade flows.

Today the group, which represents about 200 retailers, brands, importers and wholesalers, is more concerned with eliminating the tariff and non-tariff barriers that impede the free movement of textile and apparel products to the US and international markets.

While the USFIA is still working hard on trade issues such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the European Union (EU), it emphasises its broader concerns too.

"Apparel brands, even retailers, are global today, so they're selling in the US, but also in Europe. In Asia, they might manufacture products that never even touch the US, but were designed in the United States," explains Julia Hughes, the president of USFIA.

"We are broader than just looking at the imports and that's what led to the rebranding."

She adds: "We're still the same organisation you know and trust - but in a better outfit!"

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