Veit of Germany and UK-based Qualpak have announced the creation of a worldwide marketing and technology support agreement to develop and expand the market for the vacuum packing of garments using the Qualpak System, which has been endorsed by Marks and Spencer.The Qualpak System gives up to 80 per cent volume reduction in garments to be shipped, with consequent reductions in transportation costs of up to 70 per cent. The system works by removing almost all inherent moisture from garments passing through a carefully controlled, conditioned environment prior to vacuum packing.Garments packed are not subject to deformation or creasing. No excess heat is applied and the packed garments maintain their factory finish. In storage and transit, specially designed, laminated film polybags maintain stability and ensure that virtually no moisture penetrates to protective shield.At destination, the products relax to their original appearance when exposed to a controlled environment. Most fibres and fabrics will achieve original condition in less than two hours, the companies claim, dependent on type and blend. Garments requiring additional processing may be mechanically recovered using a Veit steam tunnel approved by Qualpak. Marks and Spencer has worked closely with Qualpak since the company was formed four years ago. This co-operation has resulted in the export terminal now sited at BOC Hemel Hempstead, UK, and a formal specification for VACPAC systems and procedures for M&S suppliers.Veit GmbH is a leader in garment pressing technology and has sales and service centres around the world. "The addition of Qualpak to Veit, and of the Veit distribution and support network to Qualpak, will greatly enhance our ability to provide total support to our customers worldwide," said Mike Matenczuk, direstor of Veit (UK).