Ventile is a 100% cotton fabric made from extra-long staple cotton yarn in a very dense weave

Ventile is a 100% cotton fabric made from extra-long staple cotton yarn in a very dense weave

Textile manufacturer Ventile, whose special high-quality woven cotton fabric was first developed in England in 1943, has unveiled its first high-performance material made entirely from recycled cotton.

Ventile Eco 400 RCO has been designed to achieve the best possible balance of performance, comfort, and sustainability in a bid to reduce overall textile waste and to create a durable and environmentally friendly resource for designers and fashion brands, the company says.

The all-weather fabric is not coated or laminated and therefore breathes naturally. 

"In response to customer demand and a shift towards sustainability and recycled materials in the textile industry as a whole, it seemed the perfect time to test the ability of recycled cotton and develop a new environmentally-friendly performance fabric to be part of Ventile's extensive range," says Ventile's product manager, Daniel Odermatt.

"Ventile Eco 400 RCO has a natural synergy with Ventile Organic Cotton Fabric, which is another major component of our brand. Both ranges are committed to connecting social and environmental awareness with beautiful, well-made and performance-driven clothing."

Developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester, UK, during World War II, Ventile is a 100% natural and sustainably grown cotton fabric made from extra-long staple cotton yarn. After gentle spinning and doubling, the yarn is woven into a very dense weave, which uses 30% more yarn than conventional woven fabrics, creating a premium end product.

The brand works with industry players including Barbour, Hilltrek, Ralph Lauren and Fred Perry, and in order to ensure 100% transparency, Ventile manages the full production process from the collection of the raw components of cotton, which would have otherwise been destined for landfill, to recycling technologies, manufacturing and the design of Ventile Eco 400 RCO.

The new fabric is currently available to order in three colourways; charcoal, olive and white stone. Over the upcoming months, the company plans to develop and release a larger selection of colour options.