Industrial biotechnology company Verdezyne Inc has opened its first pilot plant to produce 'green' nylon for use in a range of products including clothing and other textiles.

The plant in Carlsbad, California will make adipic acid, a key component of nylon 6,6. The bio-based adipic acid is one of two components used in the production of 'green' nylon 6,6 and is derived from renewable sources like non-food based vegetable oils.

"We are excited to achieve this key milestone," said Dr E William Radany, president and CEO of Verdezyne. "This is the first demonstration of the production of bio-based adipic acid at scale from a non-petroleum source. Our novel yeast platform enables production of adipic acid at a lower cost than current petrochemical manufacturing processes."

As well as lower production costs, Verdezyne says its method for producing adipic acid offers a number of advantages over petroleum-based alternatives.

The company's yeast fermentation process uses non-food, plant-based feedstocks to produce a variety of commercial diacids. And its production methods are expected to generate less CO2 and other pollutants as compared with incumbent methods.