Biotechnology company Verdezyne is teaming up with US-based Premiere Fibers to launch a new range of fine denier nylon yarns for apparel applications that are produced from polymers partly made with renewable bio-based materials.

Verdezyne will supply its bio-based adipic acid to Premiere Fibers for use in its 'EcoInnovation' range of sustainable nylon 6,6 filament yarns.

The move means that more than half of its content will come from fermented waste plant stock instead of petroleum.

"From the source of its ingredients, to the scale of its environmental footprint and multiple useful lives, this brings us significantly closer to achieving our goal of providing the world with fibre technology that is truly sustainable and not reliant on oil," said Brendan McSheehy, Universal Fiber Systems' director of Innovation and Sustainable Technology.

Premiere Fibers markets its yarns to performance apparel, military and technical fabric customers.