Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications and a leader in managed hosting solutions, is to host an online sourcing marketplace for Source Global On-Demand (SourceGo), to facilitate and expedite sourcing transactions and tracking for companies in the textile, apparel and home furnishings industries in China and worldwide.

SourceGo combines state-of-the-market internet tools that provide clients the ability to collaborate and negotiate the pricing and delivery of textile and apparel products, finalise business transactions online, track the processing and shipment of goods, and make payments.

Tom Eggleston, chairman and chief executive officer of SourceGo, said: "Verio IntelliSecurity Services will serve to safeguard the data being transferred via SourceGo.

"Additionally, Verio's managed hosting solution with health monitoring services ensures the management and maintenance of SourceGo hardware and software for minimal system downtime, and built-in data center redundancies give SourceGO and its clients confidence that proprietary data is safe."

Source Global On-Demand provides client transaction and tracking services - and support - for textile, apparel and home furnishings sourcing.

Verio Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, which provides complementary global network access reaching over 200 countries worldwide.