Vibram says the move will allow it to support its retail partners

Vibram says the move will allow it to support its retail partners

US-based high-performance footwear sole producer Vibram will no longer sell its FiveFingers articulated toe shoes directly to Amazon USA, weeks after Nike announced it was pulling its products from the e-commerce giant.

Vibram said the move was ahead of a major relaunch of FiveFinger during spring 2021 and would allow it to fully support its retail partners.

"As part of Vibram's emphasis on elevating consumer experiences together with more direct, personal relationships, we had to take a strong decision in our distribution strategy," says Fabrizio Gamberini, global chief brand officer and president, Vibram Corp. "We made the choice to stop selling our Vibram FiveFingers product directly to Amazon USA. This isn't a decision we took lightly. But Vibram is a brand. We will continue to invest in strong, distinctive partnerships for Vibram Corporation with other retailers."

Vibram Corporation has been recruiting third-party sellers for its products so that the merchandise is still widely available on the site.

"The yellow octagon logo is instantly recognisable around the world," Gamberini adds. "Amazon might be the most visible commercial vehicle, but we are heavily investing in our brand, in key segments, and in our business partners. We're accelerating the growth dimensions of our business with new players around the country."

Last month Nike confirmed it would no longer be selling its products through Amazonm and would instead continue to invest in "strong, distinctive partnerships for Nike with other retailers and platforms to seamlessly serve" consumers globally.