Viking Fottøy A.S. is now centralising operations to headquarters in Norway. Viking, which bought the Danish company Herold Halle in 1991, has also represented Kangaroos in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Viking's subsidiaries outside Norway will therefore become pure sales offices.

"The intention is to be more efficient and create synergy within the Viking Group. At the same time we will have a Centre of Excellence which centralises product development and marketing. It will encourage creativity, as well as creating strong concepts," said the new Kangaroos director, Alf Morten Bakken.

To achieve the necessary distance between the Viking/Footi brands and Kangaroos, Viking is dividing it up into two business areas. Ivar Wold will be responsible as director for Viking/Footi, while Alf Morten Bakken will be brand manager for the Kangaroos business as a whole.

"Kangaroos in Norway will use Viking's sales apparatus as it is not financially feasible to have its own. In the other markets, though, there will be dedicated Kangaroos sales staff," said Alf Morten Bakken. "There will be dedicated Kangaroos sales staff in Denmark, key account staff in Norway and Finland, while in Sweden it will remain as before," he added.

Viking's director Ivar Wold continues the rubber boot, Cherrox and children's concepts.

"Gore-Tex products is an area we will especially concentrate on," said Ivar Wold, who will manage this business. His staff includes Pål Helgeland, Terje Moland and Ragnar Edvinsen.

Oscar Kipperberg has left his position as managing director for the Viking Group, and is replaced by Peter Traas from parent company Hevea. Peter Traas was previously director for business development in Hevea, with main responsibility in Scandinavia.