A virtual fitting room technology that lets online shoppers customise mannequins to their individual measurements so they can see how clothes look on them before they buy, has made its US debut on new luxury men's wear site Park & Bond.

Fits.me, which was launched out of Estonia last year, has already achieved success with British and German retailers. Its use by Gilt Groupe, the company behind Park & Bond but best-known for its flash sale sites selling clothing at reduced prices, now poises the firm for expansion in the US.

"In the United States, only 9% of the apparel market is sold online," explains Heikki Haldre, CEO and co-founder of Fits.me Virtual Fitting Room. "With our breakthrough technology, this can grow to at least 30%."

The proprietary FitBot technology uses 'shape-shifting' robots that can adjust to hundreds of thousands of body shapes. Customers enter their body measurements to see how different sizes and brands fit their body.

Fits.me will be sizing up some of the 100 brands featured on Park & Bond, with the aim of giving men the confidence to make a successful online purchase even without a physical fitting room.

"FitBot mannequins achieve a close to perfect fit, solving the single biggest problem for online fashion retail - the lack of a fitting room," continues Haldre. "Retailers already utilising Fits.me technology have noticed an increase in sales and a drop in return rates."

In fashion, the size of clothing is as important as the fit. Fits.me also lets shoppers see how fitted or generous a garment's cut is.