Software firm Visual 2000 International Inc is teaming up with fellow Montreal-based software developer Lifeceyecle Inc to bring collaborative time and action calendar management solutions to the global fashion and softgoods industries.

Under the agreement, Visual 2000 will market Lifeceyecle's web-based Timereaction workflow management tool both as a stand-alone service and as an integrated, add-on module to its ERP solution.

Timereaction extends the benefits of traditional project management software by integrating time and action calendaring, collaborative supply chain communications, product management, and order processing.

"We believe that much of our industry can benefit from the power and simplicity of Timereaction", said Charles Benoualid, Visual 2000 vice president of research and development.

"Because they are rigid and difficult to maintain, traditional project management and workflow systems are not practical for most fashion companies. Lifeceyecle has found the perfect balance of capabilities and flexibility."

Timereaction replaces spreadsheet and email dependency with a flexible toolbox that includes a message centre, product management, centralised file storage, time and action tracking, order processing, and inventory management.

Team members, clients, and suppliers can access the web-based information anytime, anywhere to collaborate with their business partners on products and processes.