Visual 2000 International has expanded its End2End apparel software suite to include employee time tracking and real time shop floor monitoring - with the new functionality added via a strategic partnership with Georgia based technology firm Shopfloor Support.

“Having real time production data will help our customers to streamline their manufacturing, increase employee accountability and product quality,” notes Charles Benoualid, Visual 2000 VP of research and development.

Based on the Android platform, the shop floor monitoring system does not require proprietary hardware in order to function. The application is available through a mobile app, or via a web browser, making it easy to access from any connected device. Data is passed through a wifi configuration, making it quick to deploy in a wide variety of production environments.

“The goal is to remove gum sheets from the shop floor and minimise the keying that needs to be done by operators,” Benoualid adds. “Doing so will allow for more efficient operations and better product quality control. It also takes the focus from menial tasks and allows personnel to focus on the job at hand.”

Beyond measuring productivity, the shop floor management extension facilitates communication. Chat messages can be exchanged between shop floor employees and their supervisors within the applications interface. Data from the system can also be shown on large displays to ensure that all workers on the floor are aware of their progress and other key production metrics.

The new integration will be marketed under the name Visual It will be an available feature of the Visual End2End software suite and Visual, an enterprise management platform for apparel and footwear companies.