Global Apparel Network is launching its Visuality online collaboration solution in the Americas and setting up a new North American headquarters in New York City.

Visuality enables retailers, brands, agents, producers, and suppliers to communicate and collaborate on product designs and details using pictures and graphics. Users can assemble images, add comments and details, and securely share this information with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

"We understand the genuine need to improve visual communications," says Joe Shohfi, CEO of Global Apparel Network. "This is particularly true for professionals whose real talents are creativity and marketing - not using temperamental computers and complicated networks."

After collecting images from virtually any source (scanners, digital cameras, online, CD-ROMs, databases), Visuality users can create storyboards, folios, or slideshow presentations that can include detailed notes, captions, and personal comments.

They then communicate or share their work with anyone they choose by sending a Visuality V-mail. Rather than relying on unpredictable and often bulky file attachments, V-mail enables associates to view and collaborate on products in a secure online environment, day or night from anywhere in the world - even if they don't have Visuality software.

Colleagues can add comments and engage in a running dialogue while Visuality automatically keeps everyone up-to-date by recording who and when each person has reviewed, commented on, or approved the work.

Global Apparel Network opened its European headquarters in the Netherlands in late 2003 and now counts Mexx International (a Liz Claiborne Inc brand), Gap, Esprit, O'Neill Europe, Pepe Jeans, and Topshop among its customers.