Angry officials at the Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers' Union (Sactwu) have called for the wage gap between company executives and workers to be narrowed after a report exposed the "excessive earning levels of company executives in South Africa."

According to the latest Deloitte & Touche Human Capital Corporation survey, company executives earn an average of R194000 a month - 88 times more than their employees.

The figures were released as the wage strike by skilled textile workers at Team Puma in Cape Town enters its 10th week. Sactwu says an average Team Puma worker earns just R2200 per month and would have to work for almost 8 years to earn what an average company executive takes home in one month.

Earlier this year the Labour Research Service (LRS) found that company directors increased their salaries by around 30 per cent in 2001. This compares with a 1.87 per cent increase for Team Puma textile workers.