Wal-Mart of Mexico has added two new outlets to its chain of Wal-Mart SuperCenter stores. The two Mexico City stores, which Wal-Mart acquired in October from local retailer De Todo, on Friday were reopened under the company's own brand.

Wal-Mart reportedly retained the majority of De Todo employees at the stores, located in the relatively high-income neighbourhoods of Felix Cuevas and Copilco.

Money spent by the company to remodel the two stores was drawn from its current, 3.5bn-peso, 18-month investment budget. Each of the stores is more than 14,000 sq ms. Wal-Mart of Mexico operates 485 retail outlets and service centres, employing more than 73,000 workers. Last year Wal-Mart of Mexico's sales totaled 60.78bn pesos, up 5.1 per cent from 1998.