Clothing made partly from recycled plastic bottles has been launched in selected Wal-Mart stores in the US by soft drinks giant Coca-Cola.

The colourful T-shirts, manufactured from a blend of recycled plastic bottles and cotton, feature slogans such as "Make your plastic fantastic" and "Rehash your trash".

Graphics stamped on the inside of each item illustrate the act of recycling a bottle, reminding consumers to "re-fulfill a bottle's destiny and become something great again".

The shirts also carry a "4 Inside" label for men and a "3 Inside" tag for women - a reference to the number of recycled bottles used in each case.

"These fun T-shirts merge trend with consciousness, reminding shoppers that small steps, like recycling a few bottles, can go a long way towards helping to preserve our environment," said Stuart Kronauge, vice president marketing, Coca-Cola North America.

The Drink 2 Wear line will be supported by television, radio and print advertising. Shirts are also available at