Three leading analysts and top management from four sector firms examine the textile industry in the latest issue of The Wall Street Transcript or

The 32-page special issue features: an in-depth analyst interview with John Pickler, first vice president at Prudential Securities. He examines the outlook for the sector, including industry trends and the Trade Development Act 2000, and shares specific stock recommendations.

Pickler highlights Perry Ellis (Nasdaq:PERY): "The stock is trading at only about five times current year earnings per share and the company has gotten no credit for its acquisition of the Perry Ellis brand last year or its strategy to aggressively license that brand.

"I believe the company will be successful and that the profitability of the company can materially increase as royalties become a bigger portion of the revenue mix."

Pickler also highlights Russell Corporation (NYSE:RML), "Our favorite stock here is Russell Corporation. We believe the benefits of tariff elimination alone could increase Russell's earnings per share by 10 per cent, and possibly as much as 15 per cent over the next two years."

Galey & Lord (NYSE:GNL - news) will also be a winner over the next few months, Pickler claimed. "Galey & Lord is potentially the greatest beneficiary of the recovery in the denim and jeanswear segments. In my opinion, Galey & Lord has the best and most diverse customer mix in denim," he said.

Kay Norwood, analyst at Wachovia Securities, looks at Guilford Mills (NYSE:GFD), "All of a sudden the companies that make apparel fabrics are going to have a much bigger market. They are going to be feeding fabric into it. I believe Guilford is going to benefit from that. They are also making some changes in their automotive body cloth operation, which should lead to substantially improved results there."

She also picks up on Burlington Industries (NYSE:BUR): "Burlington Industries, about 18 months ago, announced a restructuring that closed a number of US facilities and got them out of a number of import-vulnerable businesses. That resulted in their building three major facilities in Mexico: one is a joint-venture yarn-spinning operation; one a denim-weaving operation; another manufactures worsted fabrics and synthetic apparel fabrics. In addition to those, Burlington also integrated forward more into garment production."

The Wall Street Transcript also carries interviews with top management of Thomaston Mills, Culp, Delta Woodside Industries and Quaker Fabric. CEOs examine the outlook for their firms and the sector.

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