Nautilus Footwear announced today that Wayne Elsey has been promoted to CEO/president. Elsey joined Nautilus in 1998. Prior to Nautilus, he held senior positions at EJ Footwear, Iron Age, Lake of the Woods and Stride Rite Corporation."It is exciting to be on the point here because Nautilus itself is on the leading edge of the most important transition in the safety footwear industry," commented Elsey. "We've said it all along, good footwear not only protects the foot from harm, it protects the entire body. Now the entire safety industry is beginning to recognise that as we provide excellent shock absorption and support we can reduce fatigue and injury throughout the body."The Nautilus commitment to ergonomic design is continually being rewarded in the industry. Nautilus was recently named America's fastest growing safety shoe company, and will end the year with over 100 per cent sales increase over last year. "Our worldwide distribution continues to get stronger," added Elsey.Wayne's experience and previous success in the safety shoe industry, combined with his commitment to ergonomic design make him uniquely qualified as Nautilus heads into an era of rapid growth."We have a solid team that is just as passionate about ergonomics as I am. That's what makes it fun every day. To know we're out front on this and to know we've got a team that can take this vision and make it a huge success in the market," added Elsey.Nautilus Footwear makes ergonomically designed, occupational footwear, offering true athletic technology and workplace performance features.For more information on Nautilus Footwear, visit the company website at