New Web-based event tracking and management software that enables retailers, importers and brand managers to coordinate multiple time and action calendars and effectively manage large-scale projects has been introduced by New Generation Computing Inc.

Designed to simplify the responsibilities of personnel charged with project management - merchandisers, designers, product developers, buyers and sourcing executives - the software, called ETMS, is part of the company's e-SPS suite of products.

ETMS enables users to cost-effectively monitor product development, collaborate with others involved with a project, prepare exception reports and detect possible missed deadlines that could result in production or shipment slowdowns.

"ETMS is all about enabling headquarters' personnel to better organise and manage the many steps they must take before a purchase order is ever generated," said Alan Brooks, president of New Generation Computing.

"And it's also about making sure that products are ultimately delivered on time. While IT executives have looked for project-management tools like ETMS for a number of years, we expect our software to quickly gain acceptance as an industry standard. ETMS's roots are in our best-selling business applications that large retailers and major apparel companies such as Wilsons Leather, Kellwood and Russell Corp. rely on."