Mail order sleepwear company, Peter Alexander, said today that its newly-launched website has generated over $280,000 in sales - about 15 per cent of total revenue - since its launch on October 9.

Founded 12 years ago and acquired by Just Jeans in February this year, Peter Alexander distributes quarterly catalogues to around 70,000 customers. The website was relaunched to coincide with the publication of its Summer catalogue.

Just Jeans managing director Howard McDonald said that the website was expanding Peter Alexander's website rather than picking up existing clients: "Around 50 per cent of online sales revenue has so far come from new customers not on our mailing list. The website has allowed us to tap into a new market," he said.

"The site did more business in the first 10 days than for the entire three month run of the previous catalogue," he added.

Mr McDonald said he expected the website to comfortably achieve profitability. "Set-up costs were relatively minor as we were able to make use of Just Jeans' existing technology, know-how and fulfilment infrastructure. Processing costs are also minimal as the website is fully-automated. Orders are automatically processed through Just Jeans' inventory system and dispatched from our Altona distribution centre," he said.

The company plans to launch another website in New Zealand soon. It will be based on the Australian model and would make similar use of Just Jeans' existing infrastructure in New Zealand.

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