Silver coating makes news in the latest collection from the UK's Welbeck Fabrics.

A new process, and it believes exclusive, development bonds a layer of pure silver to the surface of both filament and spun textile fibres. It is suitable for a wide range of fabric applications, but initially deemed to be most important to users in the lingerie and sportswear trade.

Marketed under the brand name X-Statics, the silvered yarns offer anti-bacterial, anti-static and thermodynamic properties.

Side by side with its functional silvered fabric selection, Welbeck will be making use of metallic-look yarns recently launched by DuPont to create fashion fabrics with both silver and gold highlights

"Used in simple polyamide blends these yarns produce a uniquely colourful, glittering effect which we see as very much in the mood of the moment,"says the Welbeck

They are, however, already planning to take this look forward into more complex constructions with a full range of jacquard designs now on the drawing board, ready for launch early in 2002.

By Sonia Roberts.

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