Military boot maker Wellco said it is one of two contract awardees for the development of the US Army Modular Boot System.

The award was the result of Wellco's response to the Modular Boot System solicitation that required submission of data and product demonstration models illustrating Wellco's concept of the modular boot system.

Presently, the military's Department of Defense buys four different boot styles to meet the varied climatic conditions encountered by military personnel.

The contract's goal is to develop a functional boot system to provide comfort in a broad temperature range temperature range.

If successful, the new Modular Boot System would replace many, if not all, of the current boot styles.

The Department of Defense has placed its first order under this contract for 580 pairs of the Modular Boot System.

The estimated contract price for this first order is US$ 93,960 with a delivery date of March 2006. This first order of boots will be evaluated, and if successful, additional production of the Modular Boot System will be ordered for expanded testing.

If the Wellco Modular Boot System is successful through all phases of development and testing, the contract provides for Wellco to manufacture 160,000 pairs of this boot for issuance to military personnel.