Wellman Inc launched its second generation internet site today at www.wellmaninc.com. Tom Duff, chairman and CEO stated: "Over the past several years, the Wellman website has primarily been a source of information for our customers, consumers, educators and students. With today's re-launch, we have created a more dynamic and interactive site which will, potentially, pave the way for e-commerce". Duff added: "As we look down the road, we see a day where a growing proportion of sales, purchasing and transactions with many of our outside constituencies will be internet-based."

Developed by an internal Wellman team under the creative and technical guidance of Synapse Technology Inc, the Wellman Inc site represents the Fibers, PET Resins, Engineering Resins, Recycling, Raw Materials, Investor Relations, and International groups of the company. Representatives of each group were intimately involved in the development of the site over the past several months. The site will eventually be translated for access in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to accommodate the global reach of Wellman's customers.

"We intend to make this site as dynamic as possible," stated Jill Harnick, marketing communications manager and Lynn MacLeod, director of information systems, the key Wellman figures in the development of the site. "We understand that in order to involve the public in our site and, therefore, our company, we need to keep it fresh, interesting, and ever changing. This will be the challenge."