Apparel retailer Wet Seal Inc has been granted a temporary restraining order against the former president of its Arden B division.

The California-based retailer said Greg Scott, who left the company in January and was named CEO of competitor Bebe Stores Inc in February, was in breach of his employment agreement with Wet Seal by resigning from the post.

The company also alleged that Scott and others had unlawfully solicited Arden B employees to join him at Bebe.

Under the terms of the restraining order, issued by the Superior Court of California in Orange County on Thursday, Scott and anyone acting in concert with him have been barred from soliciting Wet Seal employees and from using or disclosing the company's trade secrets.

It will remain in force until the court hears arguments for a preliminary injunction against Scott and Bebe, currently scheduled for March 26.

Last month, Wet Seal announced it was suing Scott for violation of the non-compete section of his employment agreement.