US apparel and accessories retailer Windsor has invested in a new software solution to help improve scalability, reduce risk, and improve speed-to-value.

The company has selected Aptos Enterprise Order Management, Warehouse Management and Flash and Sales Analytics to its suite of Aptos solutions in the cloud. Windsor says the new solution will give it the ability to free up information technology resources to focus on business growth and innovation.

Established in 1937, Windsor produces clothing for the junior and contemporary female market, operating 137 stores throughout the US and through its e-commerce site. The Aptos and Windsor partnership has been in place for over 20 years; and in 2005, the retailer became an early adopter of Aptos' cloud retail suite.

The addition of Aptos Enterprise Order Management will enable Windsor to profitably manage all orders throughout their lifecycle, from initiation to fulfillment and back. It will also improve fulfillment accuracy and reduce inventory carrying costs, while automating the manual processes currently in place. 

"By leveraging Aptos and the cloud, we've been able to gain improved scalability, reduced risk, improved speed-to-value, and the ability to free up information technology resources to focus on business growth and innovation," said Leon Zekaria, president of Windsor. "This has enabled us to keep our finger on the pulse of the fast-paced and ever changing retail business and continue to grow the Windsor brand. In the next year, we plan to add an additional 20-plus stores and expect double-digit year-over-year growth in our e-commerce business. Aptos will help us manage this growth by providing a differentiated and seamless shopping and service experience for our customers."