Uruguay's exports of wool, wool textiles and apparel are showing signs of recovery this year, with exports up by 14.3 per cent to $219.3m in the year ended October 31, the national wool research and promotion organisation SUL (Secretariado Uruguayo de le Lana) said last week.Wool top remained the most significant export product in this sector with a share of 53 per cent and an export value of $116.2m, up 13.6 per cent on the previous season. This was followed by exports of wool fabric with a 19.1 per cent share, up 15.5 per cent and exports of wool apparel with a 16.4 per cent share, up 10.2 per cent.China remained the largest destination for exports with a 26 per cent share, followed by Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany. The strong dollar led to a rise in Uruguay's exports to the US and a small rise in exports to Asia. In contrast, the weakness of the Euro saw exports to Europe fall away.For more information, visit SUL's website at