Outdoor clothing company Woolrich is to bring an odour eliminating technology called Agion Active to the apparel market this autumn.

It has partnered with anti-odour firm Agion to launch the technology in a collection of Merino and polyester blend base layers.

"While wool has the natural ability to eliminate some odours, by incorporating Agion Active into our base layers we are able to offer something that no other brand can – total confidence in knowing that that no matter how hard you work or play you won't offend those around you," said Jerry Rinder, Woolrich VP of sales and marketing.

A statement said that the technology provides antimicrobial product protection and "industrial-strength" odour elimination. The company said it also eliminates odours around the fabric.

It said that silver ion antimicrobial technology stops propagation of odour causing bacteria on the fabric while an odour-trapping solution captures molecules from ambient odours. Agion said it eliminates odour from 14 sources.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Woolrich," said Paul Ford, chief executive officer of Agion. "Agion is already a strong brand for odour control in footwear and we are pleased that our Agion Active technology for apparel can now be delivered by Woolrich, one of the most authentic and respected brands in the outdoor industry."

The Woolrich base layers will be sold with suggested retail prices ranging from US$59 to $69.