Consumers are calling for more environmentally-friendly processes in jean production.

Consumers are calling for more environmentally-friendly processes in jean production.

Sustainability and organic will continue to be a major trend in the denim sector in the years to 2023, according to a new report from just-style – which also suggests the world jeans market size will break through the 2 billion pairs barrier during the forecast period.

The 'Global market review of denim and jeanswear – forecasts to 2023' provides an update on the 2017 edition of the report and suggests consumers want denim products that demonstrate authenticity and heritage. It also adds that while the trend for organic will continue to remain strong, jeans-makers are increasingly using less cotton in production.

Together with this, manufacturers are being pressured to adopt more environmentally-friendly processes within their operations and supply chains, with the research considering how these demands are being made against a background of "slow growth and a lot of retailer pain."

"It's a confusing situation in which to be making strategic marketing and investment decisions," assert the report's authors.

The world jeans market is forecast to produce more than 2bn pairs of jeans in the next five years. By 2022, it will have grown from US$56.55bn to US$59.46bn.

The report features a re-written version of the executive summary, an update of the world jeans market chapters and data, and the concluding industry trends and issues chapter.

A key feature of the report is the review of the supply chain, which covers everything from supply chain models to top manufacturing countries, jean imports and denim imports and exports and major mills worldwide as well as cotton prices.

The report also profiles jean product types and looks at latest consumer, design, technology CSR and business attitudes, trends and issues.

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