International trade site has turned its attention on the fashion industry for the launch of its latest vertical site. links all sectors of the industry, from yarn to fabrics to equipment, in order to facilitate faster and more powerful business trade. It aggregates both supply and demand to produce streamlined and competitive markets, with screened postings to ensure both buy and sell offers are unique and reputable. Well-defined categories and sub-categories make using the site clean and efficient, and users can instantly add new categories to meet their specific requirements and create new markets.

Analysts predict that B2B Internet commerce will soon replace B2C commerce as the fastest growing sector in the electronic economy. And according to Worldbid CEO, Scott Wurtele: "With European access to the Internet increasing rapidly, on-line fashion trade is going to expand very dramatically in the next few years." When it does, he intends WorldbidFashion to be there to offer fast and easy access to markets worldwide. is said to offer a superior platform for conducting business in this burgeoning market because it is interactive. That is, registered users do not have to check the site every day to keep up with the latest real-time offers and instead receive free e-mail notifications whenever a new offer is posted in any category in which they are registered.

Another major advantage is that the Worldbid site provides users with high visibility in the international market. At no charge, users can post their own websites, catalogues, logos, photographs, and text on the site and gain instant visibility to hundreds of thousands of other companies around the world. In this way, a single platform links multiple sectors of the international B2B fashion marketplace.

WorldbidFashion is a direct link to the parent site,, an interactive, B2B platform that links all sectors of the procurement and vending markets for faster and more efficient trade communication. Worldbid is a centralized forum where business people come together to engage in procurement and vending across multiple sectors, create new markets, publish their own product catalogues, and stay abreast of the latest trade news and information. This multi-industry network links importers and exporters as well as regional trade partners in more than 100 countries across all 5 continents.

What makes so powerful is that it sends out targeted e-mail trade notifications. That is, users can register to receive notification whenever a buy or sell offer is posted in their category. Conversely, whenever a user posts a new offer, any users registered in that category are automatically notified. This ensures that offers go out to the most targeted trade partners possible. Moreover, this automatic notification means that users don't have to check the Worldbid site constantly to see what new trade opportunities are available. This interactive system creates a highly competitive real-time market in which sellers are reaching a targeted market and buyers have access to the most relevant offers.

Significant value-added resources are helping to build a strong international Worldbid community. The site has recently expanded its capabilities to include a comprehensive B2B auction so that members can follow up on leads and conduct business on-line. Users also receive automatic e-mail notifications whenever a new auction in their category is launched. Registered members can also post extensive trade documents on line. Buyers and sellers can therefore transfer documents electronically through Worldbid's storage center. By integrating document storage into its system, Worldbid reduces expensive and cumbersome paper exchange and accelerates information transference.

Over 140 new users register every day, and more than 1,000 new offers are posted each day. Currently, over a trillion dollars in trade leads is posted on the site.