New tools to help textile mills, dye houses, and apparel and softgoods manufacturers to improve quality, reduce scrap and rework, and shorten the time it takes to get new products to market have been introduced by X-Rite Europe GmbH and Pantone LLC.

The firms specialise in colour communication and formulation systems, colour standards and lighting, including equipment to measure colours and communicate this data between production facilities around the world.

Pantone has added 175 new colours to the Pantone Fashion + Home Color System, which features spectral data for the 2,100-strong colour palette to ensure accurate digital colour communication. 

It has also launched a new nylon brights collection, with 21 electric shades that designers can use to accurately select the colour of nylon and polyester materials used in the manufacture of products like sportswear.

To help textile and fashion designers select colours, the Capsure is a handheld device that can accurately measure colours of virtually any object. While the ColorMunki Design package selects, specifies and stores colour palettes. 

Measurement tools used in the production and quality control stages include spectrophotometers and software solutions to help in the identification, selection and formulation of new shades and grouping batches of textiles by shade variation.

X-Rite's “new generation” NetProfiler 3 package allows companies to remotely adjust and certify the performance of their spectrophotometers, ensuring accurate and reliable colour data. Tapping into the rapid growth of mobile computing, NetProfiler 3 extends the power of profiling to handheld devices.