Yunique Solutions has added new materials development tools to its plmOn product lifecycle management (PLM) software, which allow fashion firms to manage the development of both raw materials and new products in a single solution.

The new fabric, trim, colour, testing and vendor collaboration tools have been developed with customers such as sportswear company Cutter & Buck and performance apparel maker Pearl Izumi.

And they should help firms reduce development cycles and increase productivity for companies that manage fabric and trim development, Yunique says.

The biggest benefits will be seen by firms that work with multiple material suppliers and mills, use a wide variety of materials or components, maintain sizable materials libraries, require stringent materials testing and quality control, experience lengthy lab dip and colour approval processes, or simply differentiate their products through the materials they use.

Key among the new materials development capabilities are raw materials libraries, the management of raw materials across multiple seasons, and direct materials sourcing for managing single or multiple suppliers/agent/vendors.

It is also possible for both brands and suppliers to enter and manage lab dips and colour approval, as well as quick access to testing and quality standards for each material.