Yunique Solutions Inc, a developer of product lifecycle management and digital asset management solutions, has launched ADAM (apparel digital asset management solution), the first web-based digital asset management system created specifically for the apparel market.

ADAM provides comprehensive image-management, archiving, and collaboration tools for fashion retailers, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers to help them to accelerate product development cycle times and reduce costs.

The solution serves as a centralised storage area for sketches, artwork, logos, trims, accessories, fabric swatches, storyboards, photos, presentations, and virtually any type of digital asset.

ADAM also maintains a full history on every image, tracking each version of the image and providing the ability to roll back to previous versions when necessary.

Darioush Nikpour, vice president of business development at Yunique, said: "Aside from its people, the most valuable assets a fashion company has are its designs, artwork, and other digital files".