Fashion brand Rocawear has reduced product development cycle times in its core businesses by 66 per cent with the implementation of Yunique Solutions Inc's its plmOn solution at its Manhattan headquarters.

Rocawear has so far implemented plmOn for nearly 40 users across its fashion and technical design, trim, and production departments, and plans to double the number of internal users in the coming months, then expand use to include customers and trading partners.

Dana Kopet, a spokesperson for Rocawear, said: "Before we implemented the system, our internal communications were lacking. If we asked five people the same question, we would get five different answers. Now, we hit our timelines far better and actually get things done on time."

Kopet added that plmOn was saving Rocawear time and money, as all of its components were available in one place.

Rocawear, also known as Comet Intercontinental Inc, was formed in 1999 by record producer and entrepreneur Damon Dash and hip-hop artist Jay-Z.

Yunique Solutions Inc is a New York-based developer of 100 per cent browser-based product lifecycle management and digital asset management solutions that enable today's fast-paced apparel, home textiles, and accessories retailers and manufacturers to speed more on-trend merchandise to market by improving collaboration across their entire supply chains.