Yunique Solutions has updated its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to improve speed, efficiency and usability for the fashion and apparel industry.

Highlights of YuniquePLM V6 include new line planning and development calendar functions, which the company says have been introduced in response to customer demand.

"We understand how essential these steps are in their workflow," explains Bill Brewster, Yunique Solutions general manager. "In addition to these core functions, we also upgraded the user interface to reduce clicks and key strokes so our users can accomplish key tasks more quickly and efficiently."

The new development calendar provides company-wide visibility into product development, helping save time and ensure accountability. Line planning capabilities allow users to plan everything from business financials to product development; 3D file support means users can view, store and analyse 3D files in one location; and mass sample request development enables styles, materials, samples and edits to be created all together, to speed the process and reduce data entry time.