A high international turnout at a recent fast fashion forum in the UK has prompted London-based Industry Forum to team up with [TC]² in Cary, North Carolina to hold a 'Zara - Fast Fashion Workshop' in the US.

The event will take place on 21 October at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Acknowledged as the best practitioner in the fast fashion arena with the shortest lead times, Zara is enjoying a 20 per cent net sales growth per year and an above industry average for return visits per customer per year. By the end of the year 2005, Zara will have approximately 820 stores in 60 countries.

The forum will provide delegates with an insight into Zara's ultra-fast supply chain cycle, and show how Zara achieves less than 1 per cent inefficiencies in its processes - from design to delivery, zero stock outs, zero inventories, and zero forced markdowns.

There will also be help in identifying key strategic actions to transform clothing consumers' habits, and information on the new challenges facing Zara and other clothing retailers in 2006, and how Brooks Brothers took advantage of fast fashion.

A panel of New York designers will also talk about speed to market.

More information is available from [TC]².