Spanish fashion retailer Zara has opened its largest US store on New York City's Fifth Avenue, featuring a new store design that will be rolled out to most of the retailer's international locations.

The store, which opened yesterday (15 March), covers more than 3,000 square metres spread over three floors, and will employ 450 people. 

Sustainability features like motion detectors to dim the lights and automatically adjusting thermostats, mean the shop will consume 30% less energy annually than a conventional Zara store, uses 70% less water and will emit less than 150 tonnes of CO2 a year.

On each of the three floors, the store is organised around two long corridors or "catwalks" that lead to intimate boutique-like spaces on each side, each of which showcases a specific collection.

And like other 5,500 stores operated by Inditex, new products will be delivered twice a week so that merchandise is constantly refreshed and collections can be tweaked to meet changing customers taste.

More than 1,000 product design and development personnel at Inditex receive ongoing feedback from group stores, helping them to respond rapidly to customer demand.